Family Interactions


So, my last Family Interaction’s Post, I posted about a prank I pulled on my father with his cell phone. This post is a conversation I had with my mother before I left the house for work. I really can’t believe that this conversation even took place…I can’t even… anyway here it is :lol:

Me: “Ugh!”

Mom: “What’s the matter honey?”

Me: “I’m late.”

Mom: “!!!! You are?!”

Me: “Yup.”

Mom: “OH. MY. GOD!”

Me: “Wow, someone’s excited?”

Mom: “This is great news! I’m so excited for you!”

*Awkward pause*

Mom: “Oh… what did your boyfriend say?”

Me: “Um… he didn’t say anything?… Why would I tell him?”

(keep this in mind that I haven’t seen my boyfriend since April)

Mom: “Michelle! You have to tell him he’s not the father!”

Me: “Wait what?! What are you talking about?!”

My Reaction. O_O WTF?!

Mom: “If you’re pregnant with another” (I cut her off)

Me: “MOM! I’m not ‘late’ I’m late for work! And for your information I got my period this morning! God mom! ” (Sorry if that’s TMI)

Mom: “… Oh.”

Yeah, that happened. Thanks mom!

Ok I really should go to work now, you all have a good day. :D