Looking At Myself


I was feeling very teenageish, so I filled out this short survey about myself. This is a little about me.

1. Do you have any regrets? Yes, plenty.

2. Do you have a deep, dark secret? Yes, who doesn’t?

3. Have you ever hurt someone? Yes.

4. Have you ever self-harmed? No never.

5. How would you like to be remembered? Like if I died? Well… I think that I touch every life that crosses my path in a loving and positive way and when I die I hope that, “that” will continue to happen.

6. Who are the three most important people in your life? My sister, my nephew, and my boyfriend.

7. Was there one event that changed your life and the way you think? Yes, there were many actually.

8. Would you sacrifice everything for love? I already did. I left my family, friends, and a new job, everything that was familiar to me to be with this person.

9. Are you afraid of dying? Yes and no. We all will die someday, but I guess I am just more afraid of leaving those I love behind and the idea of dying alone terrifies me most.

10. Have you ever been abused? Yes.

11. Have you ever been in love? I am.

12. Are you happy with who you are? Yes, at least I think I am. I accept that I am not a perfect person, but I try to do the best I can.

13. Would you ever give up your life to save someone else’s? I like to think I would be that brave.

14. Have you changed at all in the last year? A definite yes; I’ve undergone so many changes this past year. I’ve gotten through a lot of hardship and emotional pain, but I had friends and family that supported and loved me every day and they helped me be strong and become the person I needed myself to be.

15. Would you ever settle for someone you didn’t feel was “the one”? No. If it’s not right then it’s not right.

16. Is there someone you can tell everything to without fear of judgment? Yes, my sister. =)

17. Are you pursuing your dreams? I am… but I think I’ll be needing some new ones, lol. What do you do after you’ve reached your dreams?

18. Do actions speak louder than words? Yes, I think they do.

19. Is there something you would never do? I would never hurt my family.

20. What makes you uncomfortable? I think what makes me the most uncomfortable is my father’s disapproval, or maybe disapproval in general. I hate letting people down and/or not being able to fulfill a promise. So, disapproval and disappointment makes me uncomfortable, because I will doubt myself and go down that self-shame road.

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