6 Reasons to Hug It Out!


Just do it! ❤



There’s nothing like a good hug to invigorate your day, comfort your body and soothe a stressed soul.

Plus it’s healthy!

Here’s How:

  1. Stress Relief: Big Presentation Coming Up? A strong hug helps lower cortisol, the stress hormone.otters
  2. Boost Immune System:  When body and mind are balanced and cortisol is low (after giving or receiving a hug!), the body’s immune system is strengthened, helping you ward off illness and disease.
  3. Lower Blood Pressure: A 20 second hug can lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate, an excellent way to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease AND cuddle with someone!
  4. Improve Personal Connections:Hugs help nurture a sense of safety, trust and honesty.
  5. Alleviate Muscle Tension: If you hold tension in your body, hugging is a cozy way to relax tension in your soft tissue.
  6. Calm the Nervous System:The parasympathetic (‘fight-or-flight’) response in the body becomes…

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