6 thoughts on “Neerding Out Today

      • OH I AM LAUGHING SO HARD! You are TOO much! You are precious, Michelle. And for some reason my hand keeps wanting to type Shelly. So I just did. (grinning) Love, Amy


      • Hehehe I am my father’s child 😉 Nothing like going into a game full of males and watching them talk away until you enter the conversation… dead silence* (OMG guys it’s a girl omg!) lol


      • I had one of those conversations myself today. LOL Two grown men going head to head, getting angry at one another. I step in, talking in gentle tones and KNOWING the subject …. hehehehehehe … and within two minutes all smoothed. The transaction was done, all were happy and I got a hug out of the deal as well. NICE!!! Move over, guys, the girls know what they are talking about! Love, Amy


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