A Father-Daughter Talk


I saw my dad today for the first time since January. The first time since many things have happened, some of which he hasn’t agreed with. It’s been hard for me, up to this point I feel as if the choices I’ve made have disappointed him, even if they were the best decisions for me. I couldn’t understand how he could be upset with me? Doesn’t he want me to be happy? It has been a buildup and a frustrating one with little relief; I’ve needed to get it off my chest, my heart has been in need of clarity. What I needed was a face-to-face conversation with him… I got it.

Today, it couldn’t wait, it had to be today and as we talked I think I came to realize that I didn’t need to be “within” his sphere of influence and that’s because I’m definitely capable of standing within my own. Although I’m still young I feel like a grown woman and I certainly feel accomplished with how far I’ve come, given all that has occurred these past few years. I made sure to touch on these points, to highlight what I’ve achieved and accomplished with his support and on my own. I showed him that I wasn’t wasting away my future, but building one with someone worthy enough to be in it. I explained to him how happy I’ve been and how important being happy with my choices is.

It is so silly of me, of course he loves me, and of course he’s proud of me. He wants the best for me, isn’t that what every father wants for his daughter? Thank you daddy, I guess I just needed to be reassured in person, to feel the words in person, because I want your support, because I want you to be proud of me. I’m thankful that you are and I love you too.


2 thoughts on “A Father-Daughter Talk

  1. Yes your Dad loves you and he is proud of you. He is most proud of the person you are. Of course he will always worry about you and want the best for you. It is difficult to adjust from a controlling figure in someone’s life to an advising figure. Remember his advice might be good at times and try to separate the advice from the feelings you have about the person giving the advice. Ok enough “wisdom” from me. I am a dog and have to go out and sniff and pee and poop and do all my doggy things.


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