Before ‘No’: The Line Between Rude and Assualt


Thought this was definitely share worthy. Please take the time to read and reply. ❤ Michelle

Chapter TK

I was afraid to hit publish on yesterday’s post. Everything in the story made sense to share, but the part of the groping bothered me. This was partly due to the fact it remains an uncomfortable memory for me and because I was afraid of reader reaction.

Crucial to my story was the fact I tickled Zachery because the groping was his reaction to that. The discomfort that came with that, along with his inability to hear the word ‘no’ play significant roles in future posts in the Zachery Saga.

My worry with this particular detail was that I would get a defensive reaction. Would readers claim Zachery’s action was indeed warranted since I didn’t ask “may I tickle you, now?”

The truth is, we were just two teenagers cuddling and watching T.V. While the relationship had its faults, I was still trying to make it work. Even if…

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