Weekend Funny Challenge


Hi everyone! I’m submitting for the Weekend Funny Challenge hosted by Jenni. This looks fun so here is my submission.

How I watch movies.

With Boyfriend


With Sister


With Myself

I hope you enjoyed that! ^_^



9 thoughts on “Weekend Funny Challenge

  1. jesusfuckingchristwhydoeseveryusernameexist

    Lol it’s actually like that with me and my sister. Mostly when we watch horror movies. We almost sit on each others lap and when there is a scene where the chick is stupid enough to go alone in the woods, we always scream at her. “WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID, JESUS!”, kinda funny lol.


    • Yesss! Or like when they say “lets split up.” NO, DON’T DO THAT YOU WILL F-ing DIE!!! I swear the they never get the concept of power in numbers. Bah, gets me every time, lol. Thank you for commenting ^.^


  2. I enjoyed the different ways to watch movies – especially watching with a sister or a close friend. It’s more fun getting riled at the characters and story lines [or lack thereof] with another person. BUT I won’t watch a movie with my husband as he asks why’s he doing that or who’s he/she etc the whole way through.


    • Hehe, my sister and I really do yell at the TV. It’s so funny. I feel like my sister and I would be more entertaining to watch than the movie itself, lol. Haha, “Shhhh! You’re ruining the movie by talking!” Thank you for commenting. I like this, it’s fun. 😀


      • It is – some of the other contributions have been hilarious. The one Where do babies come from by Irene is brilliant.

        Mum used to say my sister and I were more interesting than the movies too – but hey it’s fun so what’s the harm.


      • I’ll try and find the others and check them out. Also I wasn’t sure it I linked my post correctly or not? I’m still figuring out how to do things here on WordPress, lol.


      • You did fine – if you go to my weekend funny challenge page at the bottom of the comments you’ll find the latest links to the other contributions.


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