Relationships, Make or Break


Relationships, Make or Break

Sometimes I find it funny how I consider myself a strong independent woman, yet the outcome of my day can be determined by a single text or lack there of… Yes, I’ve come to be dependent on another person to make me feel happy and yet I know I’m perfectly capable of making myself happy. Contradiction?
My mind is running with so many weird thoughts this morning.

Photo by me
Lyrics by David Cook’s “Truth”


4 thoughts on “Relationships, Make or Break

  1. It’s weird this thing called love, isn’t it? I, too, am an independent woman and for 6 years I have made myself more than happy. But now that one person can change my mood in a second. I’m glad to see there are others just like me 🙂


    • It totally is. I can’t think of myself as just myself anymore. This person has become apart of my life, part of my identity. I guess that’s why they say “there’s your other half” huh? Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I’m glad there are too 🙂


  2. I am a huge David Cook fan, from way back when … I even managed to find copies of all of his music from way back before he got noticed on AI, and love it that he often has surprise hidden tracks on his CD’s. Another thing I love about his music is that he doesn’t skimp or cut corners, but takes the song all the way from beginning to end. As a songwriter and performer, I think he is generous in that way. He gives it up, and then gives a bit more. Makes me appreciate his music even more.

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve been in love, but then again, when you have kids, you stay in love for the rest of your life, so I can understand that dichotomy of wanting to be independent and not need that text or phone call, but not being able to deny that it can make or break your day.


    • I love David Cook’s music. I listened to “Permanent” the other day and I made me cry. I should look up the story behind that song, I feel I was told it was a dying family member of his. Very sad, but the song is so strong in that it brings out all that emotion, how and what is felt in that moment.
      I’ve been labeling myself lately. I’m strong for holding out or weak for giving in, or I’m strong when I’m with him and weak without. All the labeling aside I’m trying to remind myself that I’m simply not weak at all. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.



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