Deep Breathing Methods to Enhance Mental and Physical Balance


I think this is so great, I wanted to share. Wonderful post and it’s so incredibly easy to do and can help so much with stress. So if you are having a bad day at work or at home or where ever. Pause for a bit and breath. ❤


Ever wonder how many breaths you take per day? Studies show the average person inhales approximately 23, 040 times, yet the majority of that breathing is done from short, constricted chest breathes instead of deep belly breathing.

Stress, anxiety and hurry are typically to blame for our short breathing, but the impact is great. Being mindful of slow, deep breathing is one of the healthiest ways to manage stress, improve sleep, ease pain and stay present in our daily lives.breathing-exercise

Here are two deep breathing methods to enhance mental and physical balance:

Yoga-esque: If stress and anxiety have you feeling amped, or you’d simply like to become more mindful of your breathing habits, yoga-esque breathing can help you become more grounded, focused and present in your daily activities. Plus, deep breathing through the nose helps enhance lung function while centering your mind and focusing your intentions, a fantastic habit…

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