5 Things A Man Can Do To Make A Girl Lose All Respect


Dating tips and a grammar lesson. Perfect!

Glober Dating

Guys put a lot of effort into wooing a girl into a date, unfortunately, many tend to waste their efforts by pulling one of these stunts on the first few dates. Respect, once lost is a difficult or downright impossible thing to regain. In the hopes of rescuing gentlemen from around the globe, we’ve compiled this list of deplorable behavior that many fall victim to. Ladies, please feel free to weigh in on what makes you lose respect for a potential suitor – or better yet, what if anything can be done to repair the damage!

  1. Bad Grammar – It may seem like a simple thing but being able to speak and text intelligently shows at least a moderate level of education and attention to detail. Poor grammar, especially while texting, is a major turn off.
  2. Being Needy – Neither gender likes a partner who is clingy. You don’t have…

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