A Walk In Long Distance


It’s that overwhelmingly confusing feeling you receive when you see a couple holding hands. As they walk by, their hands intertwined, their worlds linked, and their love delicately woven into one another. You get that sense of joy, that “aww” moment, that moment where you can truly be happy for two people whom you’ve never met. But… It fades. It fades as you glance at your own hands, hands that are empty in comparison, lacking in the completeness that has just passed you by. It’s overwhelming going from high to low, going from endless potential to vales of emptiness. So you sit there, for a moment, partially content and glad for the reminder, then you’re envious and saddened by the sudden realization of what you lack. Your hands are cold and that overwhelmingly feeling of loneliness finds you.

It’s all very overwhelming.

I know you won’t see this, but I miss you.



8 thoughts on “A Walk In Long Distance

  1. I found your words effect me in a real way. It’s a loss that is ineffable, so I won’t shoot off any platitudes…. but your hand, like your heart will gravitate toward the rightness in the fluidity of love. The delicate spark of a hand held by a matching soul is sure to extinguish the loneliness. 🙂


    • Thank you so so much. I have moments like this where my heart just really needs to be heard and I find it… in some ways, freeing to just write out what I am feeling. I’m glad you could feel something from my words, it tells me I am doing something right here. Thank you.
      With love,


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