Poem and Positivity



Life is a rough sea at best and it’s going to toss you a wave from time to time. Take a second to breath, be strong and continue to sail into those winds. You will make it, you will make it. Stay determined, stay focused. There is no assurance that it will end up the way you want, but don’t let that break you. Continue, with a greater determination and strength. You will grow. As that old saying goes,


I wanted to share this poem my friend Jon wrote for me. Profound and relevant and totally worth sharing, I thought it was a wonderful gesture. Thank you Jon you, you totally made my day! 😀

“Out among the briny deeps,
beneath which, who knows what sleeps?
whether under sun or star,
the wind is either near or far,
exactly where it needs to be,
guiding us on open sea.
Sometimes patience is required,
to travel where our hearts desired.
Our journeys are the destinations,
even through small hesitations,
when the air just will not gust,
or blows so strong it startles us,
yet persistence is not swayed,
not by stream or lake or glade.
We are the captains of this trek,
and keep all signs of doubt in check.
We’re bold and brave, sure and clever,
that is why we must endeavor,
out beyond each new horizon,
that is what our fortune lies in.
Like men of old in books and tales,
hope is what propels our sails.
We swim with dolphins and sing with whales,
when our love of beauty and freedom prevails.”
(A poem by Jon)

10 thoughts on “Poem and Positivity

    • Thank you, I’ll let the author know he caught the eye of others as well. Did I not give him credit? I’ll have to go look and correct that if I didn’t. Thanks for stopping by I’ll totally visit you! ❤


  1. I think that the hardest part of recovering from something life throws at us, is the uncomfortable feeling of being stuck between knowing we will be alright and not being alright in the moment. No one can quantify the time between these two points but it does exist. If it is love that life pushes us away from then that, i firmly believe, takes a little longer than most. Seas test us, winds carry us and love anchors us.

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