Shark Week


No, I’m not talking about the Discovery channel, girls you know what I mean! I woke up this morning and the first word out of my mouth was “F@#K.” That pretty much set the scene for my entire day. Literally, I walked into work with the face I set as the featured image. I feel gross, I’m in pain, I’m doped up on Midol, and I’m extremely irritable; yet somehow, I’ve managed not to bite anyone’s head off today. Instead I’ve been killing it with kindness and sweet smiles. This is such an art form and I’m in full practice today. So watch out! FYI, 911 is not the number to call because Wallmart ran out of your brand of dog food!!!!



31 thoughts on “Shark Week

  1. Oh, Michelle, you are just TOO cute!! Hope you feeling better by now. Kill them with kindness. There you go. Although I am searching for another word to substitute for kill. I do NOT Like that word. Hmmm….. Saturate them with kindness? Pour on the kindness???? Hmmmm……


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