Walking Dead and The Weekend Workout Challenge


Here’s another challenge I’m trying out from Tribesports. I have a feeling I’m going to die after this workout, but hey you only live once right? lol This challenge is intimidating, but I think that was the point. I’m going to be walking dead afterwards. 😆

Speaking of walking dead! I just watched the season 5 premier of the Walking Dead series!!! Meeeep! I just about died of happiness. ❤ ❤ ❤

So, make like a zombie and murder this workout! I just know we’re going to slay it!

… so much death in this post…

Love you guys!


(Challenge from Tribesports)


18 thoughts on “Walking Dead and The Weekend Workout Challenge

  1. EWWWWW, Michelle. You really watch this stuff??? OH, I would have nightmares for weeks!!! No thank you! And regarding your workout …. oh oh oh! Good luck! Why are YOU trying to kill/slay yourself? *shuttering* I watched some of that trailer … ewwwwwwwwwww …… But I still love ya! xx Amy


    • Hehehe. Yes!!! It’s like my favorite show!! 😀 I know I’m expecting to be very much exhausted by the end of it. For me, doing these challenges on the weekend is a good way to work off a lot of frustration that builds up over the week. Whether it’s from work, my relationship, family, or whatever, I can put all that into something positive. Not that killing myself is positive, but… it’s been a hard week, lol. Did you know that the U.S. Government actually has a Zombie Apocalypse contingency plan? lol Just saying 😉 Love ya lots!

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      • I’ve cut way back, realizing less is best. I hadn’t worn makeup or bought expensive skin care in a LONG time. Only lipstick I wore. Friday I REALLY bought, EXPENSIVE skin care products and cosmetics. I also plan on getting back into going for massages and pedicures. Yep. And oh, I bought a really sexy parfume from Victoria Secrets. Hehehehehe You could say I’ve gone shopping … but just for the basics that I haven’t had in a LONG time. Boy does it feel good to pamper me again!!!! xx


      • Oh oh oh what kind did you get?! I have Love Spell! I’ve been mostly just been filling the online kart. Still haven’t placed my order yet. My sister got a bunch of those Leap Frog learner games for her son, but the reader is all messed up so I’m buying my nephew a new reader. I heard good things about them so I’m excited to see how he’ll take to it. Also I’m buying a new sensor bar for my Wii. My cat chewed through the cord. I was so mad!!! 😡 lol


      • Um, are you talking parfume? Hold on …. I have to go get the actual bottle to tell you which fragrance …. LOL ….. OK. It’s called Sexy Little Things Noir and OH OH OH it smells SO good. And, for the cosemtics and face I went with Shiseido. Yep. High prices …. but I AM WORTH IT. I also am looking at a new laptop to edit my photos on (Mac), because the one I am using is so old it takes forever to do anything and I am concerned one day it just won’t work. Let me see …. I would love some dresses and some new shoes and back to Victoria Secrets for new sexy undies. Tee hee …. Hubs’ eyeballs are going to roll when the bill comes in, BUT he is getting fringe benefits. (wink). The Parfume FIRST day I wore it drove him bananas. Hhehehehehe And yesterday he said whatever you are doing, you are looking good. The line of facial care is already decreasing my age lines. YAY!!!!!! So, I have my list all intact. I have just about all I need for my camera, so now it is ME!!! Wanna come with me???? (((HUGS))) Amy


      • I so do!!! Yes! lol I plan on walking into VS pretty soon, but for now I’ll have to be content with browsing the catalog. 😉 I would love a new pair if sexy shoes to go along with some sexy outfits from there. Make the BF wish he was here even more! hehehe. I’ve been thinking of switching back to Mac, but the PC I have is still kicking, so I think I just might run it into the ground before I upgrade, lol. I will suggest you get a backup (portable) hard drive though. Back up all your files and folders, just in case it does crash and you loose all your stuff. Happened to me once in college and I lost an entire research paper too! 😭😡


      • Hehehehehehe I am backing up RIGHT NOW and it is TAKING FOREVER. I had um a LOT of photos to backup. The minute this thing is finished, I am out of here. I have a place in mind to go to get more flowers. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. R.I.P. Michelle’s feets from running so much, you were cute and so full of life R.I.P. Michelle’s brain as it turns to moosh watching Walking-Dead-o-thon’s until the wee hours of the morning. R.I.P. Michelle, because when the zombies came I had to trip her and use her as bait in order to get away because I was too lazy to do this challenge *very sadness, so cry* You will be missed, bai bai nao, bai bai </3 (<–brokenheart)

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