Stay Calm This Friday


Hello everyone!
Happy Friday to you all, I hope it’s just full of amazing things today! I was going to post a workout challenge for the weekend today; however, this post really needed to be done because of what happened last Friday. So, here’s the rundown. Last Friday FaceBook apparently “broke” or went down for about twenty minutes. I don’t have FB so I wouldn’t know if this is normal or not… I’m going to assume it’s not, because all over the US people were calling 911 because they couldn’t get their FB to open or work or whatever… “Twenty minutes”… Really?!
I can not reiterate this enough, a FB issue is not an emergency please DO NOT call 911 if your FB isn’t working. Last Friday was a mess, the lines were so flooded I’m surprised it wasn’t a national emergency!!! If you have a FB issue please contact FB support not 911 or your local law enforcement. Thank you.
On behalf of all dispatchers and operators.
Have a good Friday!!! ✌️

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24 thoughts on “Stay Calm This Friday

  1. What a JOKE! People calling 911 because FB was down? What is this world coming to??? Honestly! I don’t have FB (or I do I think) but I don’t use it. I don’t like FB. Crazy world. (((HUGS))) Amy

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    • Hahaha! I do my best to be understanding but… Sometimes I’m just like noooo they can’t be serious… But then they are and I’m just like… There’s no hope for us, lol. Thanks for commenting 🙂 ❤️


  2. Ok so, I use Facebook to keep up with all my friends and relatives. I originally got it because I was moving from my hometown and it was an easy way to communicate, and since I’ve moved around and stay on the go it’s been helpful. BUT at the same time, I will admit… it is a horrible place… For most people it’s a total time waster, and I can probably count on both hands how many people out of the 600+ on my list I ACTUALLY want to hear from… and I never hear from them… That being said, I hope facebook crashes and burns and takes all of those idiot 9-11 callers with it. The end.


    • Yeah it’s a total head case in court too. People really need to be careful what they say on there… Never give access to your account to anyone EVER! Lol and yes please no 911 calls for FB 😆


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