Family Interactions


I decided to try something new that I think you all will like. I’m going to start sharing my interactions with my family. There are often very funny moments and I think you will get a crack out of them. For instance over this weekend I had some father-daughter time with my dad on the golf course. I tend to keep to myself and sit in the golf cart and read, I know “quality time” right? Today though, I “innocently” acquired my dads phone and started playing with the call settings. I figured out how to apply songs as ring tones and then applied a variety of different songs to various contacts, including myself. 🙂

After I finished fooling around with his phone I gave it back and proceeded to wait for his turn to swing. When he came to swing I dialed his number… Nothing more hilarious then seeing a grown man miss his Fancy golf swing and having the crap scared out of him as his phone blares out “I’M SO FANCY!” Thank you Iggy Azalea! Thank you!

Don’t worry Amy there is more!

Unknown to my dad, as he puts his phone on silent to avoid any more of my cell phone caused chaos, I had also played with his alarm settings… for every day of the week. 🙂

I’m sure he’ll be a Wrecking Ball being woken up at 5 AM by Miley Cyrus and I’m also sure he wont be all that Happy being woken back up a 6 AM to Pharrell Williams. You’re welcome daddy! ❤


23 thoughts on “Family Interactions

  1. MICHELLE!!!!! Your poor Dad! But I am laughing SO hard at your antics that I must say thank you for the laughs! There is a little imp in you, oh wowowowow! I hope your Dad has a good sense of humor. I can just see his face ready to swing and that “call” comes in. Tee hee …… ((((HUGS))) Amy

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    • That’s funny he called me at 4 AM and said “MICHELLE!!!!” hahahaha I was like dying in the cart when it happened, he was bright red and all his golf buddies were laughing! Oh gosh, I don’t think he’ll ever let me touch his phone again! 😆 Thanks for checking it out I’m glad it made you laugh! *HUGS* and good morning!


      • Good morning, IMP! Remind me to keep my cellphone in my pocket when you are around. You are dangerous! I’m glad his golfing buddies were laughing. It had to have been hysterical. Hehehehehehehe Love, Amy

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      • I blame him, I am his child after all. 😉 OH!!!! I just had a great idea of what to do to my mom!! I’ll rename all her contacts! Hehehehe! ❤


      • ROFLMAO!!! Michelle!!! Your Mom is going to throttle you! Why don’t you put all that creative energy into creating something for YOU? You have got what it takes. You are too much, girl!!! xx Amy

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