Watching Hook


I was born the year this movie came out so it’s the same age as me and it’s also my favorite Robin Williams’ movie. Taking time to reflect and enjoy some of the legacy he left behind. What is your favorite Robin Williams’ movie? May he rest in peace, the world missed him. ❤️

Watching Hook with Marie Grace

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4 thoughts on “Watching Hook

  1. I can remember when that movie came out my mom couldn’t stop me from jumping all over the couches with my little plastic sword and green cape and feathered cap pretending I was Pan The Man flying through the livingroom…

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    • Haha, that sounds like me after I had watched it for the first time. Whenever my parents would take me somewhere I would shout “Off to Neverland!!” OH and I would drive my brother nuts with my “fairy dust” which was just glitter. I sprinkled it all over hit his room! hehehe.

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