Just A Quick Thought


I’ve just been seeing this a lot lately. The phrase or slogan “Nothing tastes as good as sexy feels.”

I think that’s bullshit! Have you never heard of pizza?! Like really!!! Common! I want some right now! Stop making me feel guilty about it!!! End rant.



16 thoughts on “Just A Quick Thought

  1. Not only is it bullshit, it pushes women back 40 years to when women were believing that skinny or sexy is better than actually eating and enjoying. Especially with media and eating disorders. That one really irks me. I enjoyed your post:)

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    • I’m totally with you! I also find it annoying how they place so much emphasis on “being yourself”, but when you do you are labeled, judged, and negatively place for being different. Thank you for commenting! I enjoyed my pizza! 😀

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