Spirit Fingers and Social Relativity


I had watched the film Bring It On (2000) with my sister the other day and during the scene above I had the thought. “Wow, that really just described what it’s like to be a girl in today’s society.” The choreographer Sparky Polastri didn’t waste anytime ridiculing and criticizing each girl on the squad for any “imperfections” they have. Pointing out they’re flaws and inadequacies. This is a perfect representation of our societal stance and how totally unfair we can be to ourselves and to others. It is just goes to show that you cannot win in this sense. Everyone holds a different vision of “perfect” and it usually is something that you cannot possible match up to. So, why kill ourselves trying to live up to someone’s idea of perfection and being totally miserable doing it? Be perfect for your self and do not let anyone tell you what that “perfect” should look like. What do you take away from the clip above? Share your thoughts.

Now if you are a pizza… that’s another story, John Legend got that part right. 🙂

For the love of pizza!


11 thoughts on “Spirit Fingers and Social Relativity

  1. I um wanted to say a thing or two to that um man. You are so right, Michelle, on what this society does to women. It’s not fair, it’s not right. We are ALL perfect as we are. And yes, I still eat pizza too. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. Yep, they hit the nail on the head. I’m always a but amazed at how my boyfriend and I talk about our bodies. Neither of us are perfect, but in fear of gaining weight, I’ll go through more effort than he will. I have this fear that I won’t be valued if I gain too much weight. It’s been something society has told me science I was small. Boys don’t usually get that message until they are way overweight. Even then, they aren’t as personally blamed as women are for the shape of their bodies.


  3. Ok, now while I would love to leave a coherent and valid comment, you distracted me with a slice of American pepperoni pizza at the end of your post. Now I want Pizza. That is all ;p

    P.s Perfection is just an illusion, created to transfer the ineffable nature of never attaining. Constant struggling to reach said goal brings about more misery as we chase it. You don’t have to be content with who you are, you just have to not stop aggrandising. We now return to our program about pizza.

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    • lol trust me I was going to make a much bigger post and I saw that pizza and was like “Sold!” End Post! lol Yes, we don’t need to be better than anyone but ourselves. No one is perfect and it’s important to realize that “perfection” is not attainable. But we should strive to be better than who we are. It’s a fine line and hard to see when you have pizza in your face! lol Thanks you for commenting! 😀

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      • I like the way you think man! Plus logic 101 dictates that if pizza is in the way of bettering yourself… Then chose pizza. I chose it because it makes you sound cool too. For instance you can say ‘itza pizza cake’. Instantly you sound cool lol.
        All joking aside. I did reflect on this a long time ago and came up with a theory that there is something that is perfect. Us. I, as an individual am perfect at being me. No one can do it better. No matter if I am a bum or a rich playboy (yeh I know, stretching it here lol), a handsome thin guy or a rotund chubby cuddlebear. The thing about the individual, is ‘that’ is the only perfect life gives us. Of course, if we can find someone who knows this as well, sit in front of a sunset, eat a slice of pizza and hold them… that’s pretty perfect too.

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      • Yes absolutely. You are the only you in this world so in that sense yes you are perfect as you can be. So be you and continue to be you. Yes, finding that perfect someone to share your perfectness and pizza with is also perfect, the things dreams are made of ❤

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