I’m Flying On a Jet Plane


Hi everyone!

This might be my last post for a while, my heart is beating so fast right now, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see my boyfriend!!!!

I’m just killing time as I wait for my flight to be called. So I’m snapping some pictures to share in this quick post! ❤

But first... a selfi ;)

But first… a selfie 😉


Alaska AirskittlesTravel Provisions 😀

Love you all! Hope to blog with you all again soon!




11 thoughts on “I’m Flying On a Jet Plane

  1. You made it safe wooohoooooo, and you had darkside skittles… so jelly… taste the rainbow, SHARE the rainbow. With so much going on at once and with me getting back into my research I haven’t made time for WordPress or even been inspired for poetry, I may branch out and change the premise of my blog to include my research so I can run off all my followers (kidding, not kidding?) We’ve missed you, and hunting epohhs alone just isn’t the same =/

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    • Aww. Yeah, I miss you guys too 😦 I still monitor the fleet website. I can authorize new members and such and maybe do some admin stuff as well, assuming I am available to do so. In that respect though, I still feel like I’m apart of that community. I have been with you guys for almost 2 years, lol. Not getting rid of me that easily 😉
      Research eh? Like what? New type of Skittles? Did you enroll in school or something? I told Marie to log in when she finds time, but she’s a busybody too so… I think shes too busy with her pop rocks games or whatever on her phone hahaha!



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