Yeah, Right.


“Abusers make a conscious choice. They need to be held accountable for their actions. It is NOT the victim’s fault.”


7 thoughts on “Yeah, Right.

    • Yes, it is truly amazing how not just individuals can be manipulated into victim shaming, but the whole of our society as well. I’m observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month on my blog. Dedicated to my sister and all those who have been victims and to all those that suffer from it, and to those that are in silence. We can help be their voice. *HUGS*


      • OH, Michelle, I did NOT know about your sister. How tragic. I am all too familiar with abuse and so do not delve in that subject too much. It will always be with me. In order to survive, I have my feet firmly planted in Love. You are doing such a great thing here this month. God bless you for doing it!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • Thank you, yes I mean, I feel it’s such a good way to not only honor my sisters journey, but all those who have walked similar path. So much strength and love intertwined with pain and struggle it needs to be acknowledged and understood. I think that is very important. *HUGS* Michelle


      • I know it is important, Michelle. The more it is brought to the attention of others, hopefully the more healing will be brought to the surface and the more recognition of “no this behavior is not right and so NOT acceptable!” is rendered. It takes a strong person to be doing what you are. I applaud you! Love, Amy

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      • Yes, absolutely. Giving voice to those who may feel they have none. It’s uncomfortable, and personal and even hurtful to talk about, but it’s an issue for society as a whole, not just an issue of victim and abuser. Thank you for your support! *HUGS*


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