Another Quick Random Update! (With Pictures)


Hi everyone!

I’m here today to post another quick update and include a few pictures. I had an absolute blast in Las Vegas! I also got to meet a group of guys from my boyfriend’s dive and safety classes. There all dive buddies and I don’t know if you call them a “unit, squad, team, or pack”? Whatever they call themselves, I still think “otter family” is a cute name for them πŸ˜‰ The casinos were a lot of fun, as much fun as losing money can be, πŸ˜† The crazy Vegas strip didn’t disappoint and there were quite a few times where I thought I was WAY over dressed! Darn, I knew I should have brought that bunny outfit! Also the street talent was crazy crazy amazing!!

By the pictures below I think you can tell where my favorite spot was. πŸ˜‰ Here you can see the Bellagio, the Bellagio Fountain, and Paris Las Vegas. Anyway, we are back in our home state now kicking it back on the beach. No internet at the beach house, but It’s only a short walk to access some free wifi. See you all soon!



Vagas1 Vagas2 Vagas3 Vagas4 Vagas5 Vagas6 Vagas7

Waking up in Vegas!!!



9 thoughts on “Another Quick Random Update! (With Pictures)

    • I did see the volcano! It’s funny I didn’t know it was a volcano until we saw it at night! We didn’t make it to any Cirque du Soleil shows, but that will be a must next time! The Shark Reef Aquarium was amazing too! I think that was my boyfriends favorite part… besides me of course! πŸ˜› haha thank you so much! ❀


  1. Meeeeesh! I checked out your adventure posts, super cool! Or as Jadie would say, super lekkers! And guess what, I get to go on an adventure of my own now yipeeeee. Out of the deep deep south and up towards just the south lol. There are a lot of opportunities for me there, and a lot more fun things to do! Hopefully soon we will both be able to hear more from each other. Hope everything in your world is as peachy keen as ever. TOODLES FOR NOW *runs off with all your skittles*

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