When Nurture Calls Campaign


Hi everyone!

Recently I was poking around the internet and came across the When Nurture Calls campaign add and I just had this overwhelming disappointed feeling with society. Now, I realize this may in fact offend some people,and if it does offend you really ask yourself why? The bottom line here is that a mother who chooses to publicly breast feed should not be socially shamed and shunned to feed their baby in a public restroom! Why? So that people who find it offensive can feel better about themselves? Are you fucking kidding me!! Breast feeding is perfectly natural process and should be praised rather than condemned.

But why is it so offensive to people? Here is my personal thought to that question. Breast feeding is offensive because it exists in a misogynistic (feel free to look that word up) society obsessed with pornography to the point where it is generally believed that the female breasts should not be used for anything other than male pleasure. Any form or use outside of that narrow description is considered gross and ill mannered. Come on, breast feeding is not pornography!

Do you think public breast feeding is offensive, covered or not? Why do you think breast feeding is so uncomfortable for people? Would you breast feed your baby in a public restroom?

Join the movement and support public breast feeding so mothers can be mothers!


Information and images (http://whennurturecalls.org).


4 thoughts on “When Nurture Calls Campaign

  1. First: My wife breast fed our son and it was amazing. There are studies the correlate breast feeding to intellect along with many health benefits for the child. Public breast feeding should not be an issue at all provided it’s done with decorum and consideration to others. Other people’s values should be considered as much as the mother and child. That said, what caught my attention (besides the insanity of a woman having to feed her child in a restroom) is the age of the woman (girls). None of them look older than 16 or 17. It’s hard enough to raise a child when you are in your 20’s let alone while still in high school. I feel for these young woman and hope they have loving and supportive families.
    My final point: I can’t read the fine print, but given the age of the girls and the setting, it appears they are in a high school bathroom not Kohl’s or JCPenny. Children having children is an issue and a challenge. That could be a post unto itself. (Strictly my opinion as a crusty old curmudgeon). ;P

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    • Absolutely and people need to jump on the breast feeding bandwagon!! hehe The health benefits alone should be incentive enough, but it’s not only that, it’s also about cementing that early bond with your child. Formula doesn’t even come close! 😛 Personally, if I was breastfeeding in public I would use a cover, not because I am ashamed, but because I don’t think I would feel comfortable with people staring at my tits while I feed my child, lol. That’s my comfort level though and then again I don’t have any children of my own yet, but it is something to think about. There are moms that opt to not use a cover at all.

      If my understanding is correct I believe the girls in the pictures are college students, as the project originated from a college project, but I know what you are referring to. I think it’s even worse for mothers who are that young, as they are still trying to establish who they are. Science has shown that our brains don’t stop developing until we are in our 20s! Perhaps that would be a blog post topic to explore. 😉 No matter the age though, mother’s need support from the community, not just their family. Thanks for commenting! I just thought this was a great topic to bring into the light 😀


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