A Woman Living in a Man’s World: The Odds Are Not In My Favor


Hey everyone!

Things have been super crazy after I found out I got the job with the Navy. There has been a lot happening and I’ve got an interesting situation I want to talk about. *Breathe*

Here we go!

Okay, I’m finally moving out of my sister’s house! I’ve had a lot going on since the holidays and I’ve actually been anticipating on relocating for a while now. Don’t get me wrong I love my sister and I love living with her, but I really, really miss living with my boyfriend. With that said, he and I have been planning on moving back in together, though now, sooner than later due to me starting a career with the Navy. Because of that I really need to move due to the three hour long commute I would have to make. Which, let’s face it, is just not practical. I am saddened to leave the comfort of my sister’s home, but I’m extremely excited to move in with the love of my life. Now this all sounds wonderful, even typing it out makes me feel all warm inside. Then… life shits poos on my special day parade, you know how it does?

Right from the get-go, (keep in mind, all this is happening very fast) finding a place that suits both me and my boyfriend’s crazy work schedules has been really difficult. The reason being is that he works in Seattle and I work on the other side of the water. So, I was really excited to find out that he had actually found a place, which allows us both to live in fairly close proximity to both our job locations without sacrificing a lot of time with each-other or spending too much time apart due to commuting. I know, great right?! Well yes that’s great, that’s what we wanted; however, there is a catch. That “catch” being roommates. Under normal circumstances (though I wouldn’t call anything about this situation normal) roommates are no big deal. That is a big fat LIE!!!! My roommates are all guys! They are all male!!! They are all heterosexual males! I’ll let that sit for a second for you to process. Three. Male. Roommates. Now, including my boyfriend, I’ll be living in a house with a total of four guys!!! I must be out of my F–ing mind! The idea of my life becoming a continuous episode of New Girl, which I will be watching for research purposes now, does not sound appealing at all!

In light of all this I am settling on that “location, location, location” quote, because looking at all the alternatives is actually really depressing. I would hardly see my boyfriend, our work hours would pass each other, and if I was to work nights at any point I wouldn’t see him whatsoever. I’m not okay with that and he’s not okay with that. I would rather share a home with children guys and actually see him everyday rather than not. Also, sharing rent five ways would help me with my financial goals, so I guess that’s a plus. Although a part of me feels like I’m selling my soul when I think of it that way. Anyway, the last time I lived with anyone who wasn’t my boyfriend or a family member was when I was in college where I shared a dorm room with another girl. Which, in that situation, was a lot of fun! Alright, I’ll look at my situation as this: four dorm mates equals four times the fun… I’m just trying to keep this situation in perspective okay!!

I had said before that I was looking to change the content of my blog. Well, I will definitely be blogging about my 1/5 living experience. If anything, I’m anticipating the very strong need to complain and rant about it, that should be fun… So, I guess this “A Woman Living in a Man’s World” will become a regular topic for my blog. It’s okay, you can say it. My life is over isn’t it? :facepalm:

Thanks for reading,


P.S. If you have any advice I’d love to hear it! Have you ever lived with roommates before? How did that situation work for you? Do you have any tips or advice for my situation?


22 thoughts on “A Woman Living in a Man’s World: The Odds Are Not In My Favor

  1. Well I might be a bit old fashion and being a man have a low opinion of that gender but I think this plan is a bit rushed. I would take a deep breath and think about it some more. You haven’t been living with your significant other for quite some time now so a few more months probably wouldn’t kill you. If I were you I would look for a short term arrangement just for you near to your work and then during that time look some more for a slightly better situation. Perhaps a bit less crowded and more gender balanced. Anyhow good luck.

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    • I admit it is rushed, but giving some background to my situation here, he and I have been looking in the area since I applied for my job. So it’s been just over a month. I do understand what you are saying though and that was considered, but I threw the idea out because I don’t want to “separate”. We’ve been separated enough because of distance. Regardless of the new job I don’t want to sacrifice my relationship for it. Not that we would split up because of that, we know how to make that situation work as we’ve had to do it before. I can’t say I’m “happy” about the gender imbalance, but I’m also looking at it like this: I’m willing to sacrifice certain things to get what I want. I want this job and I want my boyfriend, beyond that it’s just white noise to me at the moment. But we’ll see! I meet all the room mates next week and I can always say no after that if it’s not a right fit for me. Thank you for commenting though, it did make me think about other alternatives. Like I said though, we’ll see what happens. ❤


  2. I have actually enjoyed living with men more than women! My guy roommates were always much cleaner and cooler than my girl roommates. So just keep your fingers crossed that they’re clean. That’s really the only thing you have to worry about! And on the plus side, you now have four more people that will protect you no matter what! 🙂

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    • Hahaha. That actually makes me feel a lot better about this situation. I was just thinking “I am not going to be any of their mothers!” My sister is a clean freak and I’ve adopted that life style 😆 … keeping my fingers crossed!


  3. Hi Michelle! Just take a deep breath! okay! If you’ve already decided to shift with these guys, then it’s cool… I feel guys or girls nothing matters, you might just have a lot of fun with these guys than you ever had with any girl! Just give it a try, if after sometime you feel like you can’t handle, then you’ll know (better than anyone) what to do. You can always change later (I know it’ll be a lot of work, but you’ll have to take your chances!)
    I really hope, that everything works out best for you, and that you get really good best room-mates. ❤
    Keep posting about your progress!

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    • Hi Heena! Thanks for commenting! The move has been decided. I’m in the middle of packing, haha. So far I’m feeling pretty good about it… trying not to freak out too much. Remembering to breathe as you said, 😆 It’s going to be a change, that’s for sure. I’ll just have to learn to adjust. I do meet them all this week, so I’ll post an update at some point talking about how that went. It’s just crazy busy right now! :mindblown:
      Thank you so much for the support!!! ❤

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