A Woman Living in a Man’s World: Meeting the Roommates, First Impressions


Hey everyone!

This is my second post for this segment. If you’re curious, check out the post that started it: A Woman Living in a Man’s World I figured I would just keep up with this theme and continue to tell a little about my experience. I’m not revealing any of my roommates actual names to preserve some of their privacy, especially since they will probably visit my blog now, haha! Here we go!

I met them at an event hosted by my boyfriend’s work. The setting was dress, so I did so to impress, haha that rhymed. Oh, and I curled my hair!! My boyfriend and I were greeted by his colleagues and coworkers, so that was really cool to meet all of them and their significant others, but staying on point. The roommates!

Roommate #1: Ray works with my boyfriend. Ray is in his thirties and is married (his wife and two daughters live in another state). Apparently he will be a temporary roommate, which makes sense if his family will eventually move up here. I think he was very well mannered. We shook hands and he was very polite. I like him, reminds me of a younger version of my dad, minus the geeky undertone. Right off the bat, I’m feeling very comfortable about Ray and because he’s in a long distance relationship I feel that he and I are very relateable, as I’ve been through that situation myself. He is also similar to my dad in that he smokes. I made it clear to him that if he smokes in front of me he’s going to die regret it. He found that quite funny, I wasn’t laughing on the inside though. Starting this relationship off with a death threat, way to go Michelle!

Roommate #2: Daniel stood next to Ray and had a quick discussion with him and my boyfriend before introducing himself to me, actually, my boyfriend had to initiate that introduction. Anyway, Daniel is my age, long brown hair, and he is super shy, at least when it comes to me. I swear every time we made any kind of eye contact he would divert his gaze as if I just caught him doing something wrong? It was a little awkward and it was hard having a conversation with him because he seemed to digress when I spoke and he would respond in a stutter and blush like crazy. It was even more awkward when Ray noticed this and made a comment about Daniel having a huge crush on me. After that comment Daniel didn’t talk to me at all, but Ray found it quite amusing, so did my boyfriend. It was a well mannered joke and I wanted to laugh had it not been so awkward! No need to be shy, I don’t bite… hard! Okay, bad joke! Before long Ray had “stolen” my boyfriend from me to have a chat with another of their colleagues about work related stuff. I opted to stay put in an attempt to get to know Daniel a little better. Not necessary to pick his brain or be in anyway intrusive, but since I’m going to be living with the guy, I wanted to know “who” he was. Once we were alone I started the conversation with, “So…” but he interjected immediately and politely said “Excuse me.” leaving me alone with a big fat “WTF?” hanging over my head. Well, at least he excused himself. That was awkward as shit.

Roommate #3: About five minutes had gone by and I was fiddling with my drink, patiently waiting for my significant other to return when out of no where this guy slides in next to me. When I say “slides” I literally mean he glided. He’s my age, dark skinned, on the tall side, with a flashy suit and tie. He smiled at me and quickly went into a spew of what I can only describe as smooth talking bull shit. It started off with how beautiful of a creature I am and how being all alone was a was a crime, then it moved into observation central with pick up line after pickup line, and then he straight up asked me if I wanted to hook up with him. WOW!!! Disrespectful much?! Literally it was so fast, I was just wide eyed. There was a very long pause as I was processing what was just said to me and he was just staring at me with a stupid look on his face. It was in this moment, as my blood started to boil, that my boyfriend returned and said, “Oh hey, Justin, I’ve been looking for you. Justin this is Michelle, Michelle this is Justin, our roommate.”
You’ve got to be kidding me. Fuck. My. Life.

I’m sure you are all wondering how I handled that situation? I smiled and shook Justin’s hand (nice to meet you, asshole) but I made sure to give him the stare of death as I did. His simile quickly deflated as he realize who he was just hitting on. “Shiiit this your girl?! You’re a lucky man!”, he said to my boyfriend, but before the conversation could go anywhere Justin spotted another girl passing our table, muttered something inappropriate, told us he would be right back, and chased after her. He must suffer from a short attention span, non-the-less, he never came back. Once he had left I downed the rest of my drink in its entirety, composed myself, and continued the evening with my boyfriend as if the whole thing never happened, until we got into the car that is.

Now, let me tell you and I feel bad about it, but I unloaded. I must have complained about Justin the entire drive home and then I realized something or well my boyfriend pointed it out actually, why I was really annoyed by Justin. This actually makes perfect sense. Justin is a behavioral mirror image of my brother. I have so many issues with my brother and the idea of living with my brother makes me want to gag and die. I could not do it. No way in hell! I’m not though, as my boyfriend stated, Justin is not actually my brother, he is his own idiot person. So, I guess that explains why I hate dislike him already, never mind the disrespectful flirting?! Ughh!

That’s what I dealt with last night. What are your thoughts as you read this? How do you think I should deal with Justin or any of my roommates given my first experience with them?
Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

18 thoughts on “A Woman Living in a Man’s World: Meeting the Roommates, First Impressions

  1. I had a few events in the past with my girlfriend and learnt that leaving her even to go and pick a drink can mean bad news. Certainly not because of her or because I’m a jealous psycho, but it’s been more than once that we have things happening to her pretty much as you describe. It’s quite shocking how some men react so extremely to beauty (must have, must avoid, must be dangerous). Some really twisted minds out there. You did well in holding it together!

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    • Hey Andre! Thank you for the comment! Yeah, I mean, I’m not concerned that my boyfriend would wig out about that, but had he been there the whole situation would have been avoided, lol. Not that I’m blaming him at all, I’m not. It’s a funny thing to kind of learn to deal with. I’m not going to slap the guy… even if I think he deserves it! 😛 Given the situation, taking a verbal shot to the guy’s ego usually does the trick. I think the added shock that Justin is my roommate was a little overwhelming for me to formulate words in the moment. Maybe a cuss word or two… maybe. 😉


  2. Hello Michelle,

    Well, it was an interesting evening there. It’s safe to say that in person, I am the “Daniel” type. However, I don’t think, I would react the same way to the last part the way he did. It will be a slow process, but eventually, you’ll be able to crack the shyness away. I know the feeling. He was very uncomfortable. I understand him. I felt like seeing me into him. Justin behavior was totally inappropriate!

    Got to go now,
    Take care Mimi! 😉

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    • Oh my gosh! Daniel was so shy! Haha. Oh and Justin did apologize… to my boyfriend! Jerk! Ugh Justin pisses me off! I’m going to have fun ripping him a new one on a daily basis! Thanks for commenting. 😀



  3. Gosh how did I miss this entertaining post Michelle? It sounds like really interesting roommate. They each had their special features of the male species haha. No offence but that Justin guys sounded like a real douche, I mean who says that? Poor shy little Daniel and the smoking part must be so annoying :/ Great post!

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