Disco At The Dispatch


It’s Monday! Let the crazy begin!

“Disco at the dispatch.” This is the term we use when it gets crazy at work. Good thing I brought my sassy pants! XD

What do you mean Starbucks is on fire?! All units respond, hell send in the national guard!!


12 thoughts on “Disco At The Dispatch

  1. I gotta say that there is no way I could handle being the 911. I tested there once and I’m sure they were laughing at how bad I did. I’m glad though, cause there is no way I could handle that kind of stress. I’m guessing you have some Seahawks fans on suicide watch today huh?

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    • It is stressful, but I handle it pretty well I think. I mean you gotta laugh at some point or you’re just going to hate life and everything in it. And yeah, I was not on duty last night but… definitely some crazy after the big loss. Hoping people will cool down, collect their tears and remember that at the end of the day it was a game.


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