Family Interactions


Hey everyone!

I’m posting another Family Interactions post today! Please feel free to take a look at my previous Family Interactions post involving a very short and “intellectual” discussion between me and my sister. I’m sure you’ll find it as funny and dumb as I did. :facepalm:

Today I am posting a very short exchange between my father and my boyfriend. Have fun reading! 😉

Dad: “Are you taking my daughter to the ball or not?”

Boyfriend: “No sir, the department doesn’t have balls.”

Boyfriend: … :facepalm:

Dad: *Laughing uncontrollably* “That’s right son, you guys don’t have any balls!!! How about you come back and ask to date my daughter when you’re a real man!”  *Stumbles because he’s laughing so hard*

Me: *Places hand on my boyfriends shoulder, shaking my head.* “I’m sorry hun, you walked right into that one.”


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