Weekly Website Wondering


Hi friends!

I’ve been finding it difficult to make time for posting content on my blog lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired or if I really am just too busy? In either case, I am trying to remedy my inactivity because I really do enjoy blogging and I need to make time for the things I enjoy. So, I want to see where this goes and if it feels right I’ll make it a regular thing like my Family Interactions posts. This is my Weekly Website Wondering.

During my normal web browsing, checking email, watching Youtube videos, working, etc. I came across a website that just captivated my interests. This site offers free content of motivation, inspiration, imaginative, and comprehensive information with an in-depth touch of science. What I found was interesting, informative, and it encouraged my mind to think. Their eye catching colors reflects the relevant content you will find with every single click. If you need a boost or in need of inspiration you must visit this compelling website; I enjoyed my visit so much I signed up for their newsletter! Check it out at: http://livelearnevolve.com/ 

Go wonder the web, there are tons of gems and sparkly things to find. Have a good weekend!



Photo Credit (livelearnevolve.com).


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