Family Interactions


Hey friends!

I don’t have much to say about this. I’ll just let it speak for it self.

Checking my voice mail*

Voice message from my mother:

Mother: “Hi honey! You’re probably at work, but this couldn’t wait. I had the the most amazing dream about you…”


Mother: “You’ll never guess, but you were pregnant!!! I just had to call, just by chance it was true! Love you sweetie! Ciao!”


Yup, so that was that. XD Have a good weekend!

22 thoughts on “Family Interactions

  1. My mom used to try to set me up in malls, churches, buses, vans. Moms have no shame when it comes to making you rush life. But I guess its cause they care. But hey, maybe you will do it to your daughter someday…when you are ready to have a daughter.

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    • Well she already has one grandchild from my sister, but it’s abundantly clear she wants more. lol I think the idea of me being a mother is more exciting for her. I get the strong impress, “Let’s cut to the chase!” I’m not going to pressure or put any haste on marriage. ;P


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