Weekly Web Wondering


I love science.

No I mean I really love science!

With that in mind and if you love science too you are going to really dig this website. I found it a couple years ago and visit it many times a week! You can find an article on just about anything here that is remotely sciencey! What do you think about flying cars or vampire crabs or your secrete brain functions? I’ve found so many articles that were engaging and every interesting on this web site so I’m sharing it with you all! Personally, my favorite topic is Space. What’s yours?!



18 thoughts on “Weekly Web Wondering

      • I think the most disgusting thing I did in that class was a Cow eye ball, not kidding. That made me cringe like no other! lol ok I’ll stop now πŸ˜› I loved English, we had an English club that I wanted to join after school, but I had so many conflicts. I ended up picking volleyball over a lot of other things.

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