Circumcision Is a Feminist Issue


Never thought of this issue as a feminist issue, but, I see why. Justin Dennis is the the vlogger and the points raised should really be listened to.


19 thoughts on “Circumcision Is a Feminist Issue

  1. Okay, so I watched this and, even though I did get my son circumcised, he does make some valid points. However, I will say this…’it’s your body, you’re supposed to wash it’…ha, ha, try telling that to an adolescent boy. I don’t know what my son does in the shower but I think getting clean is not high on his list of priorities.

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  2. My first husband was uncircumcised and he to my knowledge had no problems. He was born in Italy and that is the reason why he was not cut. Sex was extremely pleasurable for both of us. Now if I was young enough to have a child, I would not circumsize. Unfortanately there too, you know how mean kids can be especially in gym and the shower. But, if we don’t start doing what is RIGHT for our children, it will never happen!!! What a character this guy is. I totally enjoyed watching him and listening to what he was saying. Thank you, Michelle. Love, Amy ❤


  3. Unfortunately, in my country, circumcision is a really big deal. If one finds out a man is uncircumcised, everyone would make fun of him. They believe that if one is circumcised, he’s clean. If he’s uncircumcised, everyone would think he’s dirty and unhygienic. For me, I don’t really care much about it. It should always depends on whoever has a penis if he wants to be circumcised or not. If he doesn’t want it, cool. If he wants it, still cool. 🙂

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    • That’s essentially how it is here in the United States. I think there’s a big problem with the presumptions and lack of real education around circumcision that leads to those types of claims. I mean you are born and your parent’s make a decision with out your consent and you are automatically “clean” or “unclean”?? Yeah, and if that is something that he want’s to do, it’s his body, go for it! Just like piercing and tattoos, right? Thank you for commenting! ❤

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  4. That poor baby boy. At least he lived although he will never be a whole male. What they don’t tell you is the more than 100 babies who die of heart attack, stroke, bleeding to death, and choking on their own vomit from circumcision. They also don’t want you to know the skin goes to biomedical companies and cosmetic companies for products. That’s right ladies… you know what is in your face cream!

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    • … um, wonderful. It’s just so sad to see all that go for pure cosmetics. Well here’s another way to look at it. MOST women could care less what their male partner’s penis looks like. It’s shocking I know, but it’s the truth.


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