Disco At The Dispatch


You know those times when you’re just about to leave from work to go home with the anticipation that your eight hour work day is finally over, only to be flooded with last minute CAD reports?! It has been one of those.

Oh, today I legit took a 911 call because this women and her husband were leaving town on a wine tasting tour and were going to be gone for weeks and their house sitter backed out last minute… Emergency, am I right?Β  Oh sure honey, our officers have nothing better to do while you guys, “noes fuck some wine” said no dispatcher ever!!!! End rant*


24 thoughts on “Disco At The Dispatch

    • Oh yeah. I try and get through those types of calls as fast as possible. You never know because sometime they are calling to “order a pizza” but they really need help. Like I HAVE to treat the call as an emergancy until I can determine that it’s not and at that point you gotta get them off the line. Like, hey you actually want to order a pizza call such and such they have great pizza… yes that has happened, lol.

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      • Wow! That’s crazy. Sounds like a stressful job. I know there were a few openings for dispatchers at my husbands department, and I thought about it for a SECOND and then realized I just don’t think I could do it!!! So soooooooooooooo many props to you! πŸ™‚

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      • Yeah, it can get pretty intense at times. Also, I had some woman come cus me out because I didn’t monitor her child exchange. Just an FYI, having visitation exchanges AT the office for the purpose of having it “monitored” is not a good idea. So like, say something happens and there’s a violent situation. I can’t leave my post, I’d have to call it in and the closets officer, if none are in the office, could be 20-30 minutes away! Sorry, my mini rant, XD Thank you so much. As hard as it can be, I love it. πŸ˜€


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