I Thought…


So brief, so short, so sure, so wrong. I wanted it so badly I couldn’t see the truth until it was right in front of me. I can’t turn that negative into a positive no matter how hard I try.

Photo Credit: http://pro-non.deviantart.com/art/I-m-sorry-254938913


8 thoughts on “I Thought…

  1. I know how you feel… at least I know how these words make me feel and it usually brings out moans and groans here and there that I don’t mean for other people to hear but when they turn and look at me, I’m always like shoot.

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    • It can be hard to say what you mean to say in plain language, especially when it’s a topic so involving and takes so much to genuinely feel what it is you are feeling. I think it can be hard to do that right off the bat. Thank you for commenting. ❤

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  2. betternotbroken

    Maybe, don’t try so hard. Don’t put pressure on yourself to turn it into anything other than it is. Just for a moment in time accept the negative. I have been there, you will eventually be somewhere else and I hope it is a happier place.

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    • I know I was a tad vague. I think it was just one of those things you invest so much so quickly into and it’s so hard to accept that all of it just goes away. In the end, I know I didn’t actually lose anything; however, I allowed myself to feel that way and it really got me down for a while. Thank you so much for the comment and support. ❤

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