A Woman Living In a Man’s World: Craving Girl Time


Everyone has different sources of stress in their lives and everyone responds differently to those stressors. For me, taking time to laugh, workout, talk, write, and rant to a friend etc. is how I deal with different types of stress. Sometimes though, self care can be challenging or awkward with my male roommates around. As a girl, I couldn’t possibly have any other reason to wear yoga pants or paint my toe nails for anything other than sexual intrigue, right? Okay! Let’s just get this straight asshole Justin, if I wanted to make sweat and yoga pants and/or the action of painting my toe nails into something purely sexual I’m pretty confident that I could, but a hundred percent of the time that I am doing those things I’m not. Ugh! End rant.

Alright, the actual reason I’m writing this post is because it has become apparent that I’m in some serious need of girl time. I feel I am surrounded by testosterone 24/7… oh wait I am. When I lived with my sister it was totally different and the only male in that house was my three year old nephew! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to enjoy some of the aspects of being “one of the guys”, but not all of them and I know they wouldn’t enjoy talking about hair and beauty care or let me paint their nails, although I’m sure I could black mail them into it. The point I’m really trying to get out is that I need to have actual girl time to relate about girl things and I came to this realization after I had an interaction with one of Justin’s my roommate’s… um, overnight escorts. Here’s what happened.

I got up super early, which is pretty normal, with the intention of making a pot of coffee. Takes a couple minutes tops. Because the entire house was still asleep I figured I didn’t need to get “dressed” so I just walked into the communal living space and into the kitchen still in my underwear. (You all do it don’t deny it!) When I got into the kitchen I noticed a pot of coffee was freshly made?! The thought that one of my roommates was free-roaming the house at this hour while I was partially nude made me want to impulsively run back to the safety of my room! As I turned around I saw this girl sitting at the kitchen table sipping at a cup of coffee; still in her underwear too!!! She waves nervously, but gives me this look like “who did you sleep with last night?” My boyfriend thanks for asking! It didn’t happen that way though.

Soooo here it is, two half naked girls in the low light of the early morning chatting over coffee. I’m not even sure how long we were chatting for, it must have been well over an hour. After I had explained that I live here the awkwardness quickly dissipated and we started talking about normal things that didn’t involve cars and/or sports. She must have needed the chat as much as I did because both of us failed to notice that the entire house had risen like the walking dead and congregated at the kitchen entrance. Oh crap is right! For the boys that is! They just interrupted our girl chat and there were some hard consequences to be had. Nothing like fire in the eyes and a couple of base ball bats to part the red sea. Trust me, it worked like a charm. We had claimed our territory in the name of woman hood and it was a no boys allowed club! At least for another hour that is, haha.

Yep, so that happened. XD

I’m always open to advice! What are your thoughts? Time to schedule a visit with my sister I think.

Thank you for reading! Please check out what happened last time with my roommates and their maid service if you happened to miss it!  ❤ Go here


33 thoughts on “A Woman Living In a Man’s World: Craving Girl Time

    • It’s just really weird how the male brain works. I have a second job for the college I do online. With both my jobs, my blog, and my TV viewing (I do a lot of it on my laptop) I’m pretty sure my roommates (excluding my boyfriend) believe I’m some sort of internet porn star… and the Google searches begin 😛


  1. That is so funny that you just had some unscheduled girl time. Let the dudes be uncomfortable for once! Yeah you need to have the girls over, maybe not just your sister but some others and take back some of the femaleness in your house! I’ve had the opposite situation in my house for a while, until my son was born so, I kind of know how you feel?

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  2. Girl time is the best where you can just talk about all or nothing, too bad that you don’t get enough girl time even though it can be nice with guys too (sometimes hihi)! I’m here if you ever want to chat ❤ Have a great weekend!

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